Thomas Marlin

Black, shoulder length hair, with intelligent filled ice blue eyes.


Black shoulder length hair. Piercing, intelligent blue eyes that add to his charm but not his gracefulness. He seems to be sturdy but can trip over his own feet or nothing at all it seems. A wanderer, collected of herbs, remedies and healing drinks. Decides to battle with the mind than physical battle.

Hidden detail. Underneath his shirt on his right shoulder is a tattoo of the gods. It is in the shape of four 2"strikes vertical, and one strike horizontal above the four
About his chest and back, he also has more tattoos of the gods. Those take the pattern of a Triskelion, the Endless Knot, the Tree of Life


I started apprenticing at the age of 16. I studied lore from all over the land, flora, corpus, even dragons! Which my mentor knew a bit for them being almost none existent. Master Killian Jones is the only family I have left. Or had rather. I haven’t been back home in 17 years, and since hearing that my parents have passed, and that all my friends have left their home I have no real reason to go back.

Upon the passing of Master Killion, I struck out alone for the first time in forever it seemed. Sure, I’ve been on my own journeys, healing, fortune telling, interpreting dreams, but now I am truly all by myself. I stopped at the odd village here and there, lending my aid when it was requested, but only what I could do. I once tried to help build a barn, and the owner told me to go away because I was entirely to clumsy to help raise it. I tripped on a pile of dirt, spun around fell onto another worker and almost caused the side of the barn to fall down. Luckily, there was enough workers to stop it from doing so. So I said my pardons, excused myself, and left town to the next village. I’m like that of a drunk trying to balance on a barrel in the river it seems.

Life is good, or was good, on Elba Isle. I wanted for naught seeing as how the villagers I helped gave me food and lodging for my services, and the odd bit of gold. I would even be asked to interfere with warring villagers, a middle man, to bring peace. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. But it all changed when I heard the call ring out. The king sent out a call to arms. Invaders!! HOW DARE THEYCO ME TAKE WHAT IS OURS? NOT WHILE I LIVE! So I set out, to answer it, the call all men should answer if they want to protect their own. The invaders came to rape, pillage murder, and raid, I won’t stand for it, if I wasn’t so clumsy.

That is when I ran into her, or she ran into me rather.

Poor girl, so frightened, so terrified. I offered her a seat at my fire, and she accepted. Robyn White she said her name was, and I of course tell her my name, I may use my late mentors name when discretion neeced. A beauty she is at that. Hair as brown as rich soil, and Hazel eyes bright as, well hazel nuts. We spoke, we told our tales, I will help her if I can. I hope she decides to stick with me. She does, thank the gods. This journey will be much more enjoyable, as we journey to answer the call all men should answer.

An adventure of Thomas Marlin and Robyn White
By Thomas Marlin

It was a few months after I had the fortunate pleasure of meeting with Robyn, I still remember like it was yesterday. Such a bright girl, it’s a shame what has happened to her. We wound up at a small town now and were looking forward to a roof, dry beds and warm food. This was the town of DoChara, quaint, calm, and informative. We stopped at an inn called The Oaken Chair. A fine establishment, very well staffed and excellent food. This is the calmest our journey has been. The other stops and earlier travels included losing a horse, me being used a test dummy, it wasn’t even 5 times I “practiced” with her, but I still helped her. We then got her horse back, some young boy stole it. Whenever we stopped at a town with a library, she was excited to go. She would spend hours in there, forgetting to eat sometimes, but I remind her. DoChara, this town, has a bigger library than the others, and guess where she went, the library. She seems to be getting the hang of her magics, it’s still a bit sporadic but she will get there. She doesn’t want to learn mine, it takes a strong mind to do what I can do. Not that hers isn’t strong, but it is focused on other uses of the mind. We rest, replace our supplies, buy a book or two for Robyn to read on the road, and we set off. Off to answer the call that all men should answer, or women. Maybe I will become a writer, I will write of the battles too come.

Thomas Marlin

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