On the third day after leaving Elba for good, King Nuada summons you all to the main deck. The ship has finally escaped the reaches of the storm. The sky is bright and clear and the ocean is all that can be seen for miles. There is a brisk chill in the air and the wind is whipping the king's banner and filling the sails.

Besides a few sailors working the lines and steering, everyone aboard is on the main deck, awaiting your arrival. King Nuada and a few of his closest advisors stand above the main deck on the quarterdeck. He raises his hands for silence and a hush falls over the sailors and soldiers.

"It is my great pleasure this afternoon to announce to you all," the king began, "That all of our Relics have been located and brought aboard. Truly the gods have blessed us in this coming year!"

A great cheer arises from the throats of every man and woman aboard. Whistles and applause fill the air and the improvement to the morale of those assembled palpably rises. The king again holds up his hands for silence. It is slower to come this time, but he smiles gently, understanding the excitement.

"With my sword returned to me, I now wish to reward those who most directly effected the return of our sacred Relics! Now, Eile, Brannon, Thomas, Ironale and Robyn, step forward and kneel."

As each of you take a knee, the king descends the stairs and draws his sword, raising it high. "Now as High King, I declare these good folk true friends of the realm. Blessings be upon you all."

Following behind him, his advisors each come forward and take a knee in front of each of you. As one, they all murmur the same phrase: "The blessings of our skills be upon you."

All ten of you rise to another cheer, and you are each led away to a stateroom with one of the King's advisors. In each, a table awaits with a jar of ink and a few strands of thorny vines.

There is magic at work here, powerful ritual. You each receive a tattoo, symbolizing the blessings of the Tuatha De'Danann.

Tuatha ' De Danann

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