Tuatha ' De Danann

Chapter 2- Druid Hill

(I use real names when i talk to the king, but fake names in the book.)

Chapter 2

Druid Hill – The Stone of Fal

The four artifacts that we need to discover are as follows: The Spear of Lug, supposed to be very powerful in battle, The Stone of Fal maybe it announces who the king is? The Sword which belonged to Nuada, said to always strike down its opponents also known as Nuadas Cainnel a glowing bright torch, and last is the Cauldron of the Dagda, always to leave its visitors satisfied. Whatever that means. Satisfied how? All I know, is that to get Storms name cleared, and her face removed from the wanted posters we must find these four, three are in the Old Castle and one on the Druid Hill.

We are introduced by the king to a Elric, the man who will be our guide in retrieving the Stone of Fal. On the Druid Hill. He says it will be not too hard of a trek up, but the trek back with the Stone will be more difficult. We are to partake in the ceremony of Samhain, from dusk to dawn. Let us hope that we go the night without incident.


Killions account to the King of the groups journey to the Stone of Fal.

“Once we departed from the ship, by way of rowboat onto shore, I then laid eyes on the cliff steps. The only way up to the caverns that would take us to the Stone of Fal. And this was quite the climb up my King, one that I wouldn’t want to do it again of my own free will. (I let out a nervous chuckle, clear my throat and continue). Upon reaching the top we arrived at the cavern entrance to which there seemed no way in, but Sir Elric had a trick up his sleeve. Or should I say down his boot, as he knelt removed something from his boot, performed something. Then there was a click, and rumbling sound as the door opened, he replaced whatever it was in his boot and said to us, ‘Good luck in there, we shall follow momentarily.’ And with that I struck a torch, Drinks(Brannon) had a lantern, Storm(Robyn) had her light and Fire(Eila), well, I’m surprised she wasn’t afraid of the dark as little girls are, but she managed well enough.”

“Our instructions were to head straight down the path. And that is what we did, into the dark long caves. We head on in, noting that no one has been through here in a long time. Brannon was able to find some resemblance of footprints, and we followed those until we come to a crossroad. Two sets of stairs going up on each side of us, and the path straight. I suggest going up, since we need to get up and out, but someone suggested that since Sir Elric said go straight through the tunnels and that is what we did. Onward into the dark, we came upon another crossroad one side was going up, the other down. Drinks took the downward path while the rest of us continued straight. As it turned out, he had just found a side tunnel that met up with the main one, which led us to an open caverned area with a beautiful waterfall. I imagine it would’ve been even more spectacular in the daylight, but it was still spectacular in the light of our torches. “

“Upon entering the open area, we discover another side area that housed a nest of some sort. Something big, and dangerous had made its home there. Fortunately, it wasn’t around, and neither were my companions as I turned to look for them. They had wondered down yet another tunnel and stopped without my knowledge. As I came running after them, I called out that they had left me, just as Storms light shined on a figure in a bed. Who happened to be a Fomorian, formerly sleeping but was getting up to rush us. Fire, in her quick thinking rushed up to the enemy and kicked him square in the chest and knocked him down the hole to hopefully his death. <s>(I am purposefully leaving out the part where Storm killed him, and it left her a nervous wreck). </s>“

“After he was dealt with we continued down, or up, or forward at least, and came upon a group of, well I had sensed two of them at first, then we realized there were more only too late to withdraw.” “Your Majesty, at this point I must attest to the courage, bravery, and wit of my companions. When some wanted to stay and fight, others knew it was time to run.”

“I had assumed that we were going to hold out on them in the tunnel, but Drinks didn’t want to be the shield in front, even though he has a shield, he began to carry Fire away over his shoulder and shouted for me and Storm to follow. Which we did, all the while continuing to strike at the enemy, when a boisterous, reverberating gong sounds throughout the caverns. It was as if the gods struck it themselves. But unlike what follows if the gods struck it, what followed when the Fomorian chief struck it was the largest, smelliest, ugliest cave troll I have ever seen.”

“As it appeared, Drinks and Storm disappeared, and I attempted to distract it by throwing my torch towards the waterfall. Which it worked, but it then caught sight of me and about pounded me into the ground. Luckily for me Drinks was quite heroic in his efforts to get its attention, but its hide was way too thick for the arrows. So, Drinks began to go around and come up behind me in a smaller tunnel I was in to shoot it in the face. Unfortunately, this happened to be the smartest troll ever because it began to go around to the other side of the tunnel. I had no idea what my companions were doing at this point or if they were even alive, but when the troll stepped away, I stepped out saw it smash Fire twice, and managed to stay up for such a small girl.”

“I managed to get in another mental zap, but it was Drinks that got the killing shot in the creatures’ neck and the beast fell to the ground dead. From that point on Sire, you know the rest. We met up with you and your guards, continued outside to the Stone of Fal and began to witness the ceremony.”

“If there is nothing else that you require of your servant I shall take me leave.” (I bow and take my leave)



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