Tuatha ' De Danann

Exodus of the Tuatha

written by Killian Jones (AKA Thomas Marlin)

Exodus of the Tuatha

By Killian Jones

(penname for Thomas marlin)

Chapter 1-Invasion


                Well, I answered the call. Just as dozens of others did, men, women, young boys and some girls. When I got to the capital, it was a hustle and bustle of activity. Everywhere there was people arming up, getting provisions, and heading to the front. Myself and my companion sought out a guard to point us in the right direction. Upon arrival at the Lords bannerman we were asked our name and village we came from. I suppose a census sort of thing, because I noticed there were many others from my village of Honlith.

                When we were done signing up, I met a big, unfriendly fellow, whom I call ‘don’t touch me’ I i will also call him DRINKS. For that is what he told me when I asked is name. I am quite aware that is not his name, but I will call him that until otherwise notified.

                After the big mans’ strange introduction, there came another strange person. A woman, of striking beauty, fire hair and skin as snow we shall name her FIRE. She just strides on in and demands to see the king. Can you believe the audac-, wait, they agreed to show her to the king???? By the goddess, this is indeed strange times. Well, she goes off so it is myself, STORM and other conscripts that are waiting to leave.

                Piled in a wagon, heading to the front. Which to my amazement is not far from the capital at all? Our war camp, set up like any other I imagine, is filled with tents, moving people, and a flow of action. We on the wagon, get shown to a tent where there are dozens of other conscripts waiting for tomorrow. The fire hair woman, marches to a corner spot, takes someone else’ cot and claims the space as her own. Such a brazen woman, very rare. The rest of us settle down, peacefully, until the scream came.

                Out of nowhere a piercing scream such as I haven’t heard before splits the air. A woman across from me is complaining about her leg. “My leg, my leg!!” she cries “Its broken!!”. Me being a helper and healer, I rush over to her side. Wondering how in all the world could her leg just ‘break’ out of nowhere, in the middle of a tent. Luckily for her, there was another big man BEAR, nearby to lend his aid. He calmed her down, set her leg, and then carried her to the medical tent. (I will try to find out how such a thing is possible). To ease my nerves and get some sleep, I put myself into a sleep of magic and am out until dawn.

                “Ow, ow ow ow!!” I cry, as I wake to find myself being dragged from my cot and out the tent. Not dawn yet, so why am I- oh. I stare up to the face of the Sergeant of Arms, as he gets us ready to move out to battle. I awkwardly stand and trip a few paces as I get my bearing and follow the rest of them. As we head out, he says to us, “Your orders are to hold the hill! Until the druids complete their ritual and you are told to flee. No matter the cost we must hold the hill!”

Our squad of 10 take up positions on the hill and prepare to attack. The invaders charge the hill. I prepare a mental attack, Storm prepares her thing, FIRE does something and the men get in their places, DRINKS and BEAR, who took the woman with the broken leg to the medical tent and five other conscripts. And then the enemy charges. A vast army unlike any I have ever seen comes towards us.

We manage to hold our own for a bit. We knock some down, but eventually they make their way upon us. I need more training and getting used to combat as I wasn’t very effective, unlike STORM who was amazing! Eventually we halt the first wave, and then the second, third and up to the last when we hear that it is time to flee. Or we see its time as a storm of epic proportions appears in the sky and begins to consume everything under it with lightning bolts. The storm grows, and grows and grows, as we flee. We run for our lives essentially, fast as we can. While we evacuate I concluded that we were fighting Fomorians, who want nothing more than to see us wiped from existence.

The capital is being evacuated, is almost empty, when we return. STORM gets her horse, as do we all get a horse and hightail it out of the city, following the procession south. Once we arrive south at the coast, we see the biggest ship anyone has ever seen. So large it must stay anchored out at sea and people need to be ferried to it from shore.

And once again FIRE demands to see the king, or be taken to him, which we all accompany her for some reason. On the kings’ flagship she AND STORM go to the king. Since I told STORM I would help her and keep her safe, I stick with her and follow them up the stairs. The king is surprised at our arrival, more so the survival of fire hair, which I come to learn what her name is but we will still call her FIRE and she is in fact a wanted woman. And more to my surprise so is Storm of all people! I had no idea she was wanted, in fact neither did she for that matter.

FIRE was granted a pardon for her participation on the hill, and wanted STORMs pardon as well to which the king wasn’t going to agree to. When it became clear that FIRE wouldn’t do a task for STORMs pardon, I interjected and said, “We will do this task for STORMs pardon.” Now to tell the other big men, oh goddess I need to think first.

                We don’t head south as the rest of the fleet does, we head southeast instead. As to why we do the king informs us, “We are going to Old Castle to recover four pieces of treasure, or ancient artifacts that cannot be left behind. Three of them are in Old Castle, the fourth is in Druid Hill. We will recover the first three, then head north some more to Druid Hill and recover the last and then make our way south to join the others". After bickering with FIRE about servitude and that it was stupid to accept, which I don’t believe it was, it was the right course I feel, I turn towards the others and figure out what I will say about this one.


(legend not in book, storm is robyn, fire is eila, bear is ironale, drink is dont touch me(brannon) so i dont give their true names out)



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